The Silver Meat Platter Box celebrates Australia's delicious meat produce. This is perfect to share with up to 8 people on its own, or matched with the other platters on offer. It comes in a box and ready to enjoy with your guests.


It includes (approximate weight):


  • Fennel Salami^ (200g*) - Dry-cured Italian style salami is filled with pork meat and cheek fat, and flavaoured with fennel.
  • Cinghiale(200g) - Dry-cured salami made from select Australian wild boar.
  • Barossa Smoked Wagyu^ (200g*) - Wagyu beef with a minimum marble score of 4, traditionally cured, cold smoked and heat treated giving a unbelievable rich flavour that melts in your mouth.
  • Braesola^ (200g*) - Air-dried, salted beef that has been aged two or three months with sweet and aromatic flavour. 
  • La Parisienne Terrine (220g*) - French terrine made with Australian meat and flavoured with herbs and spices. Either Pork and Pistachio, Duck and Rosemary, Rabbit and Prune
  • Peter Bouchier Free Range Ham-off-the-Bone^ by St Bernard's (200g*) - Smoked over beechwood, using traditional methods and care, giving you a premium and delicious ham.
  • Cornichons (200g*) - Pickled French cucumbers
  • Smoked Tomatoes (200g*) - Smokey and savoury tomatoes with intense flavours. Handmade by our local French chef.
  • 1 packet of Falwasser Crispbread (Gluten Free option available)


* Approximate weight.

**In the unlikely event that we are out of stock of a product, we will replace it with something similar to the same value.

***Picture is for display only and may or may not contain some of the decorative items. 

Silver Meat Platter Box

Falwasser Crispbread
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