Celebrate with the ultimate cheese indulgence


International and local cheese in whole wheels of different sizes stacked on top of each other to create a tower of ultimate indulgence. Simply surround the Bill's Farm Cheese Tower with your favourite biscuits, fruit, fresh breads, antipasto, quince paste and you will truly impress your guests*.


Spoil them with a dessert they won't forget or place a platter with a sample of each cheese on your guest's tables after the final course at your wedding reception. Take the remaining cheese home and share with family and friends as you recall memories of the day before. 


Visually impressive, a cheese tower is the perfect addition to your wedding, birthday or any celebratory occasion!


Our standard cheese tower package includes:


  • Bottom tier: French D'affinois

Double-cream soft cheese made from cow's milk. Deliciously creamy with a silky-smooth texture and a sweet yet mild flavour. It melts in the mouth to reveal a fresh burst of milky goodness and hints of grassy pastures. The soft oozing ivory interiors are coated with an edible bloomy rind.


  • 2nd tier: Australian Maffra Cloth-aged Cheddar 

Multi-award winning farmhouse cheddar from Tinamba. After cooking and pressing, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and matured to an optimal age of between 15 – 24 months in Maffra’s purpose built temperature and humidity controlled cellar. The cheddar has a soft, crumbly texture with a long smooth palate.


  • 3rd tier: Irish Cashel Blue 

When young, Cashel Blue is firm and moist, with just a hint of fresh tarragon and white wine. With age, its true character emerges, mellowing to a rounder, spicier style. The interior softens, then when the cheese is at the peak it gives up the battle of the bulge and collapses, providing a challenge for the retailer but a treat for the connoisseur.


  • Top tier: Brillat-Savarin 

This decadent triple-cream cheese is the perfect party pleaser. Deliciously creamy with a slightly chalky centre when young, the texture gradually breaks down until it can be scooped from the centre with a spoon close to its use-by date.


* Accompaniments sold seperately.

Cheese Tower (80-100 people)



    Order before 7am on our Market trading days (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and we may be able to deliver same-day or certainly the following day. We cannot prepare orders on Monday and Wednesdays as the Market is closed.

    Free delivery within 10km of Queen Victoria Market (as per Google Maps).


    $10 delivery charge between 10-20km of the market. Between 20-40km may be possible on a case by case basis with a $20 delivery charge. Please contact us to inquire.


    We will place your order at your door, move at least 1.5m away and ring bell. In the event that you are unable to receive the delivery, we will attempt to place it somewhere safe and inform you by phone or email of said location. However, if there is not a safe place to leave goods we will not deliver and you will need to pick up at our shop or arrange for another delivery time with a possible additional charge.

  • You can pick-up your order during the following hours ONLY at Bill's Farm, Shop 17-20, Dairy Hall, Queen Victoria Market:


    • Tuesday & Thursday: 8am-2pm
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    You can also use the QVM Pick-up zone located on Queen Street. We will need to know an approximate arrival time to meet you at your car. You can call us on 0408 538 606 upon arrival at the pick-up zone.

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