The Gold Meat Platter Box celebrates Australia's delicious meat produce. This is perfect to share with up to 10 people on its own, or matched with the other platters on offer. It comes in a box and ready to enjoy with your guests.


It includes (approximate weight):


  • San Daniele Prosciuttio (300g*) - Premium cured Italian ham with sweet and aromatic flavour. 
  • Organic Saucisson Sec(200g*) - Dried traditional French sausage made in NSW by a French chef
  • Spanish Sopressa^ (200g*) - A Spanish-style spicy pork cured sausage with a decent chilli kick.
  • Morcon^ (200g*) - A Classic Spanish salami, smoked with coarse and medium grind Pork, with Hot Chilli, Garlic, Sweet Paprika, Pepper, Coriander, Rum, Nut Meg.
  • Salsiccia^ (200g*) - Dry cured pork sausage with the option for Mild, Hot or Fennel flavours.
  • La Parisienne Pâtés or L'artisan Terrine^ (200g*)- French terrine made from pork and spices.
  • St Bernard's Free Range Ham-off-the-Bone^ (200g*) - The hams are smoked over beechwood, using traditional methods and care, giving you a premium and delicious ham.
  • Cornichon (200g*) - French pickled cucumber
  • L'artisan Smoked Tomatoes (200g*) - Smokey and savoury tomatoes with intense flavours.
  • 1 packet of Falwasser Crispbread (Gluten Free option avaiable)
  • 1 Crusty French Baguette 


^ Meat products are made from Australian meat and in Australia

* Approximate weight.

**In the unlikely event that we are out of stock of a product, we will replace it with something similar to the same value.

***Picture is for display only and may or may not contain some of the decorative items. 

Gold Meat Platter Box

Falwasser Crispbread
  • You are able to pick-up your order during our operating days and hours ONLY at Bill's Farm, Shop 17-20, Dairy Hall, Queen Victoria Market:


    • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 7am-3pm
    • Saturday: 7am-3pm
    • Sunday: 9am-3pm


    After your order is confirmed, you will receive an email notification once your platter is ready for pick-up the next operating day (as stated above). Alternatively, please provide your desired delivery date at check-out.


    For platter(s) required on Monday and Wednesday. please ensure you make your order at least 2 operating days (as stated above) prior, for collection during the prescribed pick-up times.

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