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The Specifics of the Military Dissertation

The procedure for writing a military dissertation has a number of differences. Firstly, the topic of the study will be directly related to the work of the most important militarized structures of your country. These may include CIA, NSA, etc. Thirdly, the author of a scientific work will have to work in a special mode: obtain special access to the necessary information, work with state and military secrets, take into account the current rules and developments, take into account the harsh realities, etc.

Where can I work after completing my postgraduate degree?

Before you start writing a dissertation of a military nature, you must enter the postgraduate course. Without training in this structure, an individual will not be able to gain access to classified information. It is here that the responsible mission of optimizing the "military industry" is born and entrusted. After enrolling in the “military graduate school”, the administration of the university will send a corresponding report to all the necessary authorities for issuing a special pass.

A military dissertation involves theoretical and practical inspection of a topic or problem. To do this, the will have to study the theoretical aspects of the chosen issue, and then go back to reality and use a specific example to assess the impact of the problem on the object of study, determine the possibilities for minimizing the negative impact and develop appropriate recommendations.

If the research topic is at the boundary with several disciplines, then the adjunct may have several supervisors, each of whom will be competent in a particular scientific field and help create a “high-quality” product, development.

Even at the time of approval of the topic of scientific work, the adjunct will sign a number of papers that will regulate the procedure for writing a dissertation, agree to adhere to the principles of confidentiality and secrecy, non-disclosure of internal and other information, etc. In case of expulsion from the postgraduate course, the author of the study must keep all materials in the strictest confidence with which he became familiar. Otherwise, he may face administrative, criminal, civil liability.

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