Say "I Do" for a Wedding Cheese Tower

A couple of times a week our cheese expert Hakim disappears into the back office area of our shop. What follows is lively chatter filled with excitement, a few giggles and finally, some cheese crumbs left on the tasting board. A cheese tower consultation has just taken place, and another happy couple has just designed with Hakim the perfect tower for their special day. If a tower of cheese sounds like something you’d love to have for your wedding or any other milestone celebration, read along to find out Hakim’s top tips for designing the cake.

It’s all about you. Of course, it’s your day! We have a standard set of cheese varieties we use as a starting point for planning, but there are so many ways to make it your own. Maybe an all-white tower or one just using Australia's finest local cheese? Given you and your guests will be devouring all the cheese on the day, making sure you actually like the cheese is important so tasting is an essential part of the consultation.

Balance things out. You may already have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue so when it comes to cheese towers we have a similar motto about balance! Something soft, something aged, something hard and something blue is a good rule of thumb so that you will have enough different textures and flavours.  

Size matters. You’ll want to have different-sized wheels to create that cake-like shape but remember that not all cheese wheels are good for towers: if the cheese only comes in a 38-kilo wheel like Parmesan, it's going to be a little too much for most weddings. But worry not, there are plenty of medium and small-sized wheels, and we’ll find just the right ones for you during the consultation.

Plan your decoration. The cheese tower will be a centrepiece of the table, so match the decoration to the theme and season of the wedding. Your florist, caterer, chef, creative friend or family member can follow our easy-to-decorate advice we'll give you during the consultation. we can also get the flowers and fruit for you fresh from the Queen Vic Market. Below you can see some pictures of how couples have decorated their towers.

Assemble and enjoy. There are a few tricks to assembling and serving the cheese tower. First of all, make sure you have a big, round board (we can provide for free) or a cake stand to assemble the tower on. If you’re using a soft cheese as the base tier, insert cake dowels (we also provide for free) to support the weight of the wheels stacked on top of it. And when you’ve successfully cut the cake, it can be made into a grazing platter or cut into pieces and brought to the guests' tables.

What I particularly love about cheese towers is their simplicity. Some of the frosting-covered fantasy cakes that have been so popular in the past years can be a bit "OTT", however a stack of cheese wheels decorated with just a few things just feels so fresh. If you want your special occasion to be memorable, come in for a chat about personalising your very own cheese tower. Read more about our cheese towers and make a booking for a free consultation and tasting here.

Hooray for love and cheese!