Have a Truffle-y Weekend!

Truffle, the hidden treasure This weekend is going to be all about truffles at the Farm as the Truffle Melbourne Festival hits Queen Victoria Market. We’ve stocked up on plenty of mouth-watering truffle delights, including delicious cheese, amazing oil and sensational salami. Along with sourcing the best truffle products, we’ve been researching these hidden little treasures. In this post, I want to share some of the most fascinating bits with you. So what’s the deal with truffles?

Black Truffles

Known for their unique flavour and strong aroma, truffles are one of the most luxurious foods in the world. In addition to their unrivalled taste, the hype and the high prices are explained by their rareness. Truffles are extremely difficult to be cultivated, as they are fungi that grow on the roots of trees, and require very specific conditions to flourish. Therefore they are often harvested from their natural habitat with the help of truffle-trained dogs. The difference between black and white truffles

White Truffles

The truffles we usually encounter are the black ones. The most valued ones come from either France or Italy, although these delicacies can be found in different parts all over the world, also in Australia and even my home country Finland. The white truffles are more rare, as they only grow in a certain region in Northern Italy, and the harvesting time lasts for just three to four months. They have an even stronger and finer aroma and flavour, which makes them a sought-after delight amongst truffle lovers.

Cooking with Truffles (Picture: https://www.duemaesta.com/blogs/news/truffles-recipes)

Tips for cooking with truffles

The most prized truffles can cost up to tens of thousands per piece. Luckily for us truffle lovers, even a small bit of this fungi packs in a lot of punch. The earthy umami flavour is best when combined with rich, hearty dishes: think risotto, pasta, fries and omelettes. As the fragrant aroma disappears quickly, both fresh truffles and truffle products, such as oil or paste, are best added to the dish as a finishing touch. I personally can’t wait to get to try our brand new truffle “sticky” balsamic vinegar on my roasted winter veggie salads and mushrooms risottos. My next serving of fries will be sprinkled with truffle salt. I’m also looking forward to putting together an all-truffle cheese platter next week with all the amazing truffle cheese we will have at Bills Farm this coming weekend. Hope to see you then and make sure to tell us what truffle treats you are most looking forward to this winter? With truffle-y regards, Jaana Blurp


The hidden treasure Enjoy the taste of one of the most luxurious foods in the world with our truffle products available this weekend!

★ Add a piece of decadence to your grazing platter with our truffle cheese and salami.

Aged Truffle Pecorino, The Truffle, Ship's Wheel Brie with Truffles, French Truffle Brie, Il Boscheto Al Tartufo & English Truffle Cheddar

★ Drizzle truffle oil over pizza, risotto and pasta or even a bowl of popcorn.

The Essential Ingredient & Taste of Paris Black and White Truffle Oils

★ Spread the truffle paste on bruschetta or toss with pasta.

Exclusive to Bill's Farm - The Euro Pantry's Truffle Sauce, Paste and Honey

★ Combine the truffle mustard with mashed potatoes, fried mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Exclusive to Bill's Farm - Taste of Paris' Organic White & Black Truffle Mustard

★ Bring an earthy & tangy twist to your roasted veggie salad with truffle vinegar.

Exclusive to Bill's Farm - Taste of Paris' Organic Truffle Balsamic Vinegar & Sticky Truffle Balsamic

★ Use the Truffle Salt as a finishing salt to make your dish restaurant quality.

Essential Ingredient Truffle Salt

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