How did a Finnish foodie end up working at Melbourne’s best deli?

Hi, I'm Jaana!

Hi guys and welcome to Bill’s Farm’s blog! I’m Jaana, the author. In the coming months I will share many yummy secrets and tips about cheese and our other wonderful products with you, but before that I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself, my love for food and how that led me to working at ‘the Farm’. 

As you may guess from my name, I’m not from around here, but from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I grew up surrounded by the Nordic nature and its’ amazing ingredients, a cooking family and an ever-growing appetite for learning about food. For the past three years I was working as a content producer for Finland’s biggest dairy company, while also running my own food and travel blog on the side. I loved my job, but last Autumn I felt it was time for me to continue my journey. I wanted to learn more about food and get closer to the the people buying it. I had just turned 30, which meant it was my last chance to apply for an Australian working holiday visa. And that’s when I decided to move to one of the world’s food capitals, Melbourne. 

I started my job search as one does these days, googling. The search query I used was “best cheese shops Melbourne” and ta-dah, Bill’s Farm showed up right on top of the results. I immediately fell in love with the story and the passion the owners clearly have for high-quality products and excellent customer service. I wrote down the name, marked it with a heart and decided to apply once I got to Melbourne.

And there I was a few months later, standing in front of the majestic Queen Victoria Market, holding my resume in my shaking hands. Obviously, I was nervous. It’s not everyday you apply for the job of your dreams after all. After a few deep breaths I mustered up my courage, walked to the counter with my biggest smile and handed in my resume. Turned out the people at Bill’s Farm felt the same way about me as I did about them and about 30 minutes later I was hired.

I promise I'll be more graceful in time to come.

We thought it would be pretty cool to share my story and all the exciting things I will learn with you. I hope you agree and will come back to read about our best-selling products (and tips on how to use them) in a couple of weeks! 

Wishing you a delicious day and till the next time, 



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